Who Remembers The Blue Cafe in Downtown Long Beach?

…I remember The Blue Café in Downtown Long Beach!  Live bands, great dance floor, cool blue neon light that lit the patio, pool tables upstairs, and just a really cool vibe!!!

I was 18 when I moved to Long Beach, and 19 when my roommates and I first experienced the hipness of The Blue Café.  -Wait, how did I get in without an ID??!.  Hmmm, I honestly don’t remember!

I don’t know what happened to The Blue Café, but this old hot spot is now a vacant “not spot.”  It’s been abandoned for several years now just waiting for the right business!  Since they built the Promenade, it’s the last piece of property that has yet to be upgraded and leased.  Guess who put in an offer to take the 2nd floor of The Blue Café…!??!  -I DID!!  I mean, The Brass Lamp did!

7a0ba9abfa6b0ae789110cc5d94ef6ffOther offers that I’ve made didn’t pan out, but this one… this one here… is the one I really want to place all my bets on!  This is actually the very first spot I looked at when I first started dreaming about a book bar!  It wasn’t available for me back then, but enough time has gone by, the owner has softened, and now it’s just ripe for a bar like mine to come along!!  TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

I would love for The Brass Lamp to make new memories here!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!!

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” –Dalai Lama

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