Week 1 of my Daniel Plan Diet

1/2 an inch off my waistline in 7 days!  I’d say that’s progress!  My first week of my 40-day Daniel Plan has been 90% successful!  Every day this week, I’ve woken up at around 5:45-6:00 am; I do some work at my computer, take the dogs on a 30 min walk, come back home to make my morning coffee (Kirkland Coffee from Costco is seriously delicious!), read a chapter from the Daniel Plan book, and then get on with my day by about 8-8:30am!  By this time, I’ve now honed in on what my day will look like, what my diet will be, and the best part is kicking off the day in the right mental state!

Although losing inches is always welcomed, the real reason why I’m doing this is to test my own self-discipline, to elevate my mind and spirit, and to see if my body and mood will actually improve through this process.  So far, I can attest that my sleep has been better, I’ve woken up with a bit more steam, and I do feel lighter!!

PhotoGrid_1390799652359The book implants the idea that since our bodies are naturally deteriorating due to time, environmental impurities, and foods that causes sicknesses such as cancer, diabetes, and other ailments, we should view food as medicine and vitamins to fight off the bad stuff.  So every bite of food that we put in our mouths must be valuable, nutrient-packed agents that keep us young, healthy, and beautiful!

This week I’ve resisted all white temptations- sugar, bread, rice, tortillas, pasta, and anything else white.  I’ve nourished myself with high quality foods, kept up my exercising, and made time for my own meditation!  Here’s what I put in my grocery cart:  dark-berried fruits (anti-oxidant rich- anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agents), dark green veggies (to detox), black rice (also anti-oxidant), avocados (healthy fats which improve, memory, skin, nails, and hair), seaweed (who knew that seaweed is the most nutrient dense, mineral rich, anti-cancer foods on the planet- THE PLANET!!), green tea, orange veggies, and lots of shrimp, salmon, and chicken!

BTW, did you know that MSG causes headaches, makes you hungry, and triples your insulin production, leading to storage of belly fat!?  I really hate to break it to you, but if you’ve read this far, I must tell you that ceasar salads, KFC, cold cuts, ranch, gravy, sausage, and even parmesan cheese are all big MSG-offenders!!!  Just when you thought you can live the rest of your life justifying that parmesan cheese is a good source of protein.  Sorry my friends!

But there’s good news in store for you!  I promise you that it’s only the first 3 days that’s the hardest!  After that, you get use to controlling the quantity, you become mindful of the quality, and truthfully your cravings for sugar and junk go away!  However, I admit that eating only palm-sized meals does leave you with a… sliiiiiight discomfort in your tummy from not being full, but you seriously come to peace with it and associate that feeling with being healthy and satisfied!  Think about how proud you’d be of yourself for resisting the cupcakes at the Super Bowl Party, or saying “No thank you,” to that one pushy person who always insist, “C’mon, just one bite!”  So as they say, “No pain, no gain!”

So take the time to design your mind, your kitchen, and your habits!  It’s about progress, not perfection!!!!!

Here are 3 last tips:  (1)  Cut up cucumbers to eat with your guacamole instead of chips,  (2)  Try to create a peaceful environment while you eat, like soft light, maybe soft music, candles, and flowers, and notice how much slower you will eat!  And (3)  Don’t forget to count your blessings as you eat, it will seriously pace the fork-to-mouth motion!


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