Unleadership- 5 Ways Employees Lose Respect

If you’re a Manager, Supervisor, or any variation of a Boss or a Leader, I bet you didn’t get there by doing the following:

1.  COMPLAIN.  There’s nothing worse than your co-workers complaining about work!  But it’s a thousand times worse when it’s your boss complaining!

What are you supposed to do when your boss can’t get up off of his or her butt to actually get things done!?  They say the same thing over and over again with no results!  Are you supposed to tell them what to do, or just sit back and get paid to listen (while you play a violin in your head!)

I don’t know about you, but I’d bust out the Advil because rolling my eyes back in my head starts to hurt after a while!!!

2.  MAKES EXCUSES.  Oh man, this is my favorite one!  And by favorite, I mean, THE WORST!!!  There’s nothing worse than your boss not taking responsibility for managing tasks!  He’ll (maybe it’s a “she,” but I think it’s a “he!”) blame you for not getting things done, yet he never made it clear to you or anyone else that he assigned said task to you!

OR, if he was supposed to do something, he’ll blame personal issues for not getting it done!  -Hi… Let’s leave your drama at the door.  And here’s a tissue box, Sir!!!

3.  PAINFULLY FORCED COMPANY ACTIVITIES.  Rather than getting the raise or bonus you deserve, the boss spends a ridiculous amount of money on unnecessary, mandatory company lunches and weekend activities.  So, rather than you getting your 3% annual raise that you were promised, the money went to a very expensive Angel’s suite and mediocre bottomless nachos.  And you’re expected to be happy with that!

4.  EMPTY PROMISES.  How many times were you promised to get your performance review done this year?  You work hard and hope that by way of this performance review, you finally get the recognition that is so well-deserved, followed up with the appropriate monetary gratitude.  But instead of the eagerly anticipated, “You’ve really shined this past year…” it’s, “I’ll get to it when I can…”  Meanwhile, you start counting the days that your paycheck remains the same.

This is when taking pens and highlighters home becomes “justified!”

5.  MOODY.  Need I say more.

soccerIf you’re reading this… and you know what I’m talking about… which I know you do… do exactly the opposite if you ever see yourself as being a boss someday.

And if I just described your boss, then prepare yourself to take his job, and I say to you, keep working hard, and let him make his mistakes.  Your respect may be gone, but he’s actually training you on what not to do when you become a boss!  #Leapfrog!


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