It’s Gettin Hot in Herre

Nelly said it best!  “It’s gettin hot in herre!”  -Oh Nelly, you’re so poetic!

Things are starting to get real up in herre!

To my Brass Lamp-believers: after monnnnths of waiting to hear back on the SBA loan, and monnnnths of looking for the right space, it is with great joy that I report that I have the loan!  I have the space!  I have the General Contractor, and I have a professional team behind me producing my Kickstarter campaign (Thank you Localism)!!!

But wait… before I break open the champagne, I still have piles of paperwork to sign to make it all official.  But I look back at where I was in this process exactly one year ago today, and I was just formulating the concept of the bar.  I posted a blog with survey questions that some of you were so kind to take the time to answer.  I remember where I was sitting in my home when I posted the blog.  If you walk down memory lane with me  you might remember where you were when you read this blog or replied to my survey questions.

Rereading that, feels like it was just yesterday!  What they say is true… the older you get, the faster time flies!

Moving forward, there is now another hill I have to climb to build The Brass Lamp.  The first order of business is raising funds.  With the bank loan, I only have 75% of the funds needed to do the build-out of this incredible 4,000 sq.ft. space, which I forgot to mention IS ON THE PROMENADE in downtown Long Beach -saywhaaaat!?.  So for these next 90 days, I will be getting crazy creative with raising the rest of the money.  In case you’re wondering, no it’s not selling narcotics or prostitution!  ANYWAYYYY- the money will go to the permit and license fees, equipment and furniture, and of course all the sweet finishing touches that will make this place so special!

So, save your pennies and nickles… I will need them soon!!!

Stay tuned, because I will be reporting all of my progress in these upcoming months aggressively!  I know what you’re next question is:  When will you open?!  Answer:  realistically February 2015.  Hey, no one said big dreams happen quickly!

BookBar_Ts8Check out the new t-shirts coming out soon!  Limited edition!

P.S. I love my dive bars… I love my sports bars… so take this image with light-hearted humor!

P.P.S.  The votes are in… We’re going with black!  Which is great, because summer’s coming to an end and black is slimming!

To all ma’single ladies, due to popular demand, these will come in tank tops!

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. –Bill Cosby