Getting to Know Halle Johnson, a Vocal Talent

My true purpose of building this unique and clever book bar for “my people” is not only to give a memorable experience through ambiance, food, and drinks, but it’s also to create an experience through art, music, creativity, books, and inspiration!

Just imagine a place where you do your best writing, or a place where you get artistically inspired, or perhaps a place where if you were a songwriter and singer, your music taps deep into the ears and the hearts of your audience in a dimly lit lounge among other creative and passionate peers, eventually igniting creativity in their own right.  And the cycle of thought, depth, and emotion continues.

“There’s nothing that gives me more life than love and music.  It’s important to be authentic and have no gimmick,” Halle Johnson. 


Photo by Victoria Estrada

I had the pleasure of meeting Halle Johnson, a singer, performer, songwriter, and in my opinion, a musical gift.  Not only is this young artist exceptionally talented,  she’s stunning with her 6’1” stature, she’s remarkably driven, passionate, and shows a maturity level far beyond twenty-two.

Johnson found music in 3rd grade when she first got her hands on a cello – you know those giant violin-looking things that sit on the ground and lean against your body.   But as random as that was, if it weren’t for that unassuming cello, the strings of passion in her heart would have never been struck, and her path to musical growth wouldn’t have extended beyond 3rd grade orchestra rehearsal.

“I stood out because I was tall, but I was actually good at it.  When other kids complained about practicing, I loved it,” says Johnson.  In 6th grade, she joined the choir, and would eventually contribute to the school’s recognition for an award winning program.  “I fell in love with singing and found guidance and classical training through Dr. Richard Miles, the choir teacher who I am still friends with today.”

But unfortunately, with a difficult childhood bouncing between parents, chronic unpredictable health issues, and experiencing a life of strained relationships and neglect, Johnson fell away from music and singing until she moved schools and later rekindled her passion at the age of seventeen.  She taught herself how to play the guitar a year later and eventually started writing her own music in 2012.

“I tend to cater to the musical genres of Neo-soul, R&B, Pop and Rock.  But I grew up with everything from Sinatra to Sugar Hill Gang, to Snoop Dog to Aretha Franklin.  My father introduced me to old-school hip hop and funk, my ex-step-mom introduced me to classical and jazz, and my mom introduced me to classical R&B and World Music.”  With a diverse musical background, Johnson’s music strums all classic genres.

“I’m inspired by life!  There’s so much to it, and God brought me music to save me, and to bring music to others,” Johnson said.  “I am a believer in paying it forward and want to use my purpose to empower others to find their own purpose… their own fight.”

Good Man 4

Photo by Victoria Estrada

When asking her where she wants to be in 5 years from now, she replied, “I want to be exactly who I am, except better!  I want to be far better, more educated, more driven, and more purposeful.  And I want to take my music to a global level.”

In chatting with Halle about relationships and life, there is no doubt that this young lady exudes sincerity, kindness and love for people.  Wanting to be more than just a product, she wants people to perceive her music with honesty, relatability, and realism.  “Sex may sell, but realism lasts forever… I want to be a part of that movement of lasting art and lasting impressions.”

Johnson was a top 10 finalist for the 2013 Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter Contest.  This year, she has entered again with two new original songs called, “Incredible“ inspired by her first love and all the innocence of falling in love for the first time; and “A Good Man” inspired by the a past relationship and the understanding that good men are still out there.  CHECK IT OUT!!! 

Miss Halle Johnson is currently working on raising money to fund production, recording, more videos, and equipment.  Her songs will be on soundcloud within the next month.

I personally am so excited to watch the growth and success of this young, talented, and driven woman.  She is truly and inspiration.  As she continues to establish her presence beyond Long Beach, she will always have a stage at The Brass Lamp to perform and share.


Getting to know Halle:

What makes you happy?  “Simple things…even just sitting here in the day time.” 

What makes you sad?  “Ignorance.”

What is something unique about you that you’d like people to know?  “I’m a 100% self-taught musician, and as stressful as that learning process was, I’m glad I went through it.  The best thing my mentors have ever done for me is to refuse to hold my hand. 


Photo by Ponlork Den Mongkoul

What is your favorite word?  “Love.”

What is your lease favorite word?  “Lazy.”

What turns you on?  “Life… and all its possibilities.”

What turns you off?  ”Lack of study… lack of preparation…”

What sound or noise do you love?  “Random music in the distance, like a guitar or sax… I will follow it.”

What sound do you hate?  “Silence… I don’t sit well in silence… I need noise around me.”

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  “Motivational speaking.”

What profession would you not like to do?  “Anything that is full-time in an office!!”

If heaven exists, what would you like the hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?  “Well done.”