In the Beginning…

As the book bar is progressing while in its planning phases, I’m making decisions on the types of (private) rooms that I will have.  This building was built for office space in the 1950’s and has been used as such since then.  But in 2014, this mid-century brick office building will be transformed into the very first “book bar and lounge” in Southern California.  -True story!!!


The private rooms around the perimeter of the floor plan were once offices of Executives and Managers, but will soon be uniquely and carefully crafted purpose driven rooms, which I have yet to determine.  But in deciding the use for those rooms, I keep in mind the heart of The Brass Lamp, which is to build a community.   The primary vision of my business may have taken a backseat to the glam of this oh-so-cool-forward-thinking concept, but truly is the cornerstone of The Brass Lamp.

HemingwayBehind the obvious coolness and uniqueness of having a… uh, “coffee shop for adults,” if you will, the vision of this bar/coffee shop/bookstore was not only to provide a place for people to go to on their own to “read, write, and drink,” but it was also a place that would cultivate intriguing conversations, imaginative ideas and eventually geniusly creative results!  -Did you know that the iconic writer, Earnest Hemingway was notoriously fond of drinking?  Much like his counterparts like Scott Fitzgerald and William Styron, most creative artists get their best ideas when balancing drinking and working.  I know I do!  And I know you do too!

At The Brass Lamp, I will be featuring the work of local, upcoming Artists, which will cultivate more creativity, which will in turn develop compounding ideas of brilliance.  Giving my customers, not just something to look at, but something to talk about!!!  And that’s ultimately what I want… I want to give them something to talk about!  Thank you, Bonnie Raitt!

So as I head hunt for these creative artist’s work on my walls, performances on my stage, and books on my shelves, I ask that you envision The Brass Lamp as being a place where you can let down your hair, take off your tie, and relax your tension-filled shoulders and enjoy being inspired!!!

And they say you can’t never meet a decent person at a bar!  I beg to differ!  Cheers!

Oh, and if you have any ideas for some of those rooms, don’t be shy to share!

“Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.”  -Ernest Hemingway

Beyond the 40 Days

I closed out my Daniel Plan Diet by watching The Son of God, and following it up with a really savory, juicy, FIVE GUYS burger.  With all that I’ve learned from the Daniel Plan diet, I should have turned the cheek when I saw FIVE GUYS, but give me a break, seeing that from the distance was like seeing a lake after walking through the Sahara Desert!

0a7b23e73160becadc958df968490207My 40 day challenge to get healthy through my mind, body, and soul was a good one!  I didn’t think I could do it, but I succeeded most days.  95% of my meals were clean and high nutrition packed (I journalled all of my meals, so I’ve done the math), my work outs were strong and consistent, but admittedly I cut a few corners with my spiritual practices.  Every challenge is about set backs and come backs, as you know from my last blog.  So, if you’re intentional with your practice, routine, and diet every day, you’ll see your habits improve and start to notice real results.  I wish I took a before and after photo, because I look damn good!  -I’m kidding, I look the same to the human eye, but I have dropped a few pounds, I feel toner and I’m definitely healthier!  Try it!  Actually, for those of you who will be giving something up for Lent, I recommend you incorporate the diet.  It’ll be a fun challenge!!

For my next 40 day challenge, I will give up… -I can’t even bare to say it… -COFFEE (wince).  It’s a painful thing to think about, and it’ll be even more painful to forgo.  I just want to know, does decaf count?!  Speaking of new challenges, I’ve embarked on a really interesting one for myself.  I’m entering a writing contest to win $10,000, which would go to The Brass Lamp’s piggy bank, in the off chance that I actually beat out over 600 contestants!  I found this contest just this weekend, so I’m jumping in very late in the game as the deadline for the first 50 pages is in 10 days.  Oh, and did I mention, it’s a novel that must be written… not a short story… not a bio…not a poem…but a NOVEL!   20dbb5b45435c138dbb7440f6f86b3deTo all the novel writers out there, more power to you!  I’ve only been working on it for two days, but can already appreciate the depth, creativity and insane imagination that goes into this kind of writing.  It’s taken me to places in my psyche that is pretty dark and murky.  But I’ll pick out the dirt and see what kind of scandalous novella I can come up with.  This will be a very new and interesting challenge for me so I’m kind of excited to explore it.  Wish me luck and if there’s drama, suspense, or mystery you’d like to suggest to me, I welcome the ideas… and don’t worry, I won’t use your real name (wink).  All this writing will require lots of reading for inspiration and a fair share of wine drinking to create just the right working environment.  Boy, I wish there was a book bar I could go to!!

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”  -Socrates

Now, it’s time to plan my Grand Canyon hiking voyage!  -Til next week, Friends…!