Read. Write. DRINK.

I’ve got potentially good news!!!  The bank has finally gotten back to me, and has given me a link to their portal for me to upload my financial information!  It’s highly probably that this means that they have reviewed my business plan and would like to move forward!  -If that’s not what that means, then it’s just a mean trick!!!  I’m waiting to hear back for a final answer on that any day now………{anxiously waiting…}

Part 9.19Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a marketing campaign -not for the book bar per se- but for my Kickstarter Video.  What is Kickstarter, you ask!  Good questions- it’s a way that business owners, inventors, and creative innovators get their projects independently funded!  Someone like me who has an idea will ask people for money.  If you like my project, you pledge money!  It works like this, I will be setting a goal to raise $XX,000 (tbd), which will pay for my Beer & Wine (Type 42) liquor license.  I create a video that explains my idea of a book bar, and if you like the idea, -or don’t like the idea but like me anyway, you’d pledge a gracious dollar amount of your choice toward my book bar!  If I raise the money within 30 days, it will give life to The Brass Lamp and you get a special gift from me.  If I don’t raise the money within 30 days, people will get their money back, and I hit the drawing board again for ideas {waah. waah.}  In a valiant plea, I say it this way… If you back my idea, you are supporting my dream of creating something that I truly believe in.  Something that I believe is an evolution to a new way of thinking, socializing, and drinking.  You’re helping me build a place for people to read, write, and drink!

PhotoGrid_1389714981244It’s a scary idea to put the time and effort into making this video and asking folks for money!  But if it works, it’s going to be amazing!  *THANK YOU to my brother Sonny, who is using his film skills to put my video together!!*

And thank you to my friends who have been a part of my Read. Write. DRINK. marketing campaign!  You’re all so photogenic…and so are your dogs :)!

Stay tuned for my Kickstarter video to come soon!

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. –W. Clement Stone

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