Pursuing Excellence

I LIED.  I told you that the first 3 days of the Daniel Plan are the hardest… I was wrong!  The 8th, 9th, and 10th are hard too!  I got pretty comfortable feeling good on my high horse, losing 1/2 off the waistline, thinking that I was Sam Almighty doing everything to a superior level.  Unfortunately, willpower weakens.  So, what spoke to me from the Daniel Plan book was the part that said “Daniel possessed strength that went well beyond the size of his muscles.  He had a strength of faith, courage, obedience, devotion, dedication, endurance, and discipline.  He demonstrated his pursuit of excellence in his faithfulness in doing the little things when no one was watching.  He had strength to do what was right, even in the face of danger.” 

PURSUING EXCELLENCE, what a great mission to live by!  When I read that, I wrote it on my arm to remind me that on that day, I was to pursue excellence in everything that I did.  That meant that every task whether big or small, good or indifferent, I was do it excellently!  20140203_223332There will be some days when you don’t feel like pursuing excellence or for that matter, pursuing getting out of bed, or pursuing the day, but overtime, pursuing excellence will lead to strength of character, confidence, and courage!  (For those of you who keep wondering who Daniel is, he’s a Prophet from Biblical times.  So now you know I’m not talking about some cute little personal trainer named Daniel who gave me a workout plan.)

It is now day 15 of my Daniel Plan diet, and I’ve lost 1/4 inch around my arms!  Woohoo!  What girl doesn’t want to trim down her wings for tricepts!  Those kick backs are paying off!  With this new way of eating, I really am sleeping better, feeling better, and I’m never craving flamin’ hot Cheetos anymore.  And here’s an added secret, getting rid of the bread, gets rid of the cellulite!  Fact!!!

I’ve been asked “What’s next after 40 days,” and my answer is, I am not sure yet… but one thing I do know is that I want to DREAM BIGGER than this 40 day challenge and extend what I’ve embarked on to another challenge. I want to hike through the GRAND CANYON!!!  That’s going to be fun!!

P.S.  Today I submitted the final revisions to my business plan per the banks request.  I hope that’s the last of their requests, because I can’t look at that business plan anymore!   And hopefully the next email back from them will be a step closer to getting my loan for the book bar!

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