The Brass Lamp has Closed

The Brass Lamp has closed, but stay connected so that you are aware of plans for The Brass Lamp no. 2.


My Staff and I are humbled and grateful for the good times and the memories that we shared together in a unique place that was coined as a book bar!  The personal notes and messages that you left behind are so sweet.  It was our pleasure to serve you and share a morning, mid-day, or evening with you all.

I’d like to take a moment here to thank each member of my team for working hard, showing deep dedication, and for representing The Brass Lamp in the classiest, most genuine fashion.  I am so proud of my team, who have displayed strong leadership, integrity, and character over the course of our journey.  Each person who was hired is special.  But those who passed the challenges of extreme determination to fight all odds with me, are those that stayed until the end.

These elite few walked a narrow path with me and showed vivacious endurance and the potential to be remarkable leaders.  I have so much respect and love for my teammates! Because of their teamwork and allegiance to my vision, they have executed what The Brass Lamp means far greater than I could have imagined.  Because of them, we were successful!


We miss our customers and look forward to building again in another place and time.

-Samantha Argosino, Owner