I Turn to My People

Hi Everybody,

I was assigned to understand my target customers, and fully recognize their needs.  And well, you are my target customers, so I need to know your needs!  Can you kindly take a few moments to give me your responses on these 10 questions below.  Don’t worry about being precise in answering them, it’s not a test, it’s only a blog!  -And for those of you shy birds, feel free to make your name anonymous if you need to.  But just give me a code so that I know it’s you… say for example, the name of your dog, how we met, or how much money I owe you.

Okay, you ready??

1.  What do you admire more, drawings or photography?

2.  What music is more relaxing to you, coffeehouse music, jazz, or contemporary instrumentals?

3.  One a scale from 1-5, how would your rate your need/want to have a place like the Brass Lamp, where you can go to late at night to work, read, or meet up with a friend(s) over coffee or a glass of wine?  (5 -being, I needed this yesterday!!!  1-being, I’m never up past 9pm, and if I were I’d rather go to Denny’s!).

4.  If you were to go to the Brass Lamp at 11:45 pm, what would you be doing there?  (ie, reading, writing, drawing, using the free internet, meeting up with friends while discussing how cool the Brass Lamp is, etc.)

5.  How many times in 1 month could you see yourself going there?  (several times a week, a couple of times a month, or I am that Denny’s person)

6.  When the Brass Lamp is open for business, what time of day or night do you mostly see yourself going there?

7.  When you go there by yourself, are you most likely to order coffee, tea, wine, beer, or other refreshments?

8.  When you go there with a friend, are you most likely to order coffee, tea, wine, beer, or other refreshments?

9.  What event are you most likely to go to?  Open Mic night, Wine Tasting Night, Game Night, or Single’s Night?  (Again, feel free to be anonymous!)

10. People our age would rather go to a relaxing, eclectic book bar on a weeknight than to a loud, smelly dive bar.  True or False?

I bet if I were at the Brass Lamp now, my questions would be much more creative!  I need a book bar so I can go there late an night to blog about creating my book bar!!!

 I really need your help answering these questions, so now is not the time to be shy!  Thank you in advance for your feedback!!!

 Your friend,

Penny B. Mac (anonymous name for the day!)


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