Ombres, selfies, ice bucket challenges, stiletto nails, mustaches, IPA’s, gastropubs!

Some things can be left behind.  They’ve been made out and played out!  But other things are creating it’s own path!  Here’s a hint of a strong future trend -If spellcheck puts the red, squiggly line under the word, it’s got longevity before it becomes played out!!!  My version of wordpress puts a read squiggly line under Gastropub!!

So, what is a gastropub?!!  You trendy folks don’t know it, but you’re already enjoying it!  If you meet up with a friend at place that serves IPAs, craft beers, charcuterie platters aka cheese plates, flat breads, and fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, you’re at a gastropub!!  It’s part wine bar, part beer pub, and part upscale tapas restaurant.  It’s the new craze!

You know what else has a squiggly red line under it?  Bookbar!!  (Okay, so it’s really “book bar,” but play along with me here!)  Guess what, I’m sharp enough to have figured out that The Brass Lamp is going to be part gastropub… actually, it’s part coffee shop, part wine bar, part beer pub, and part book store!  I think I have one up on the gastropubs!  It’ll be  casual but refined, welcoming the foodies, winos, beer geeks, readers, writers, and those that just appreciate a really cool place to hang!

Stay tuned for updates…things are coming in hot!!!

Brew RebellionAnd check out this tasty Strawberry Rhubarb Ale!! It’s made by Brew Rebellion.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!  Whether you like IPAs, BLTs, or KFC’s… you will like this beer!!!  It’s a bit pricier than your standard beers, but well worth it!  Retails at $11.00 for 22 oz.  *And I love the story of 2 young guys with no money seeking out resources to build this brewery.  They couldn’t get a loan from the bank and sold everything they had in their garage to get this going.  Great job!  Great tasting beer!!!  CHEERS!!


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