From a C Student to a Chic Student

I grew up being a pretty cool kid… no surprise, right- I mean, c’mon!  I was boisterous, friendly, and more importantly to Asian parents, I was an honor roll student!  (Does a GPA carry any weight in elementary school?)

My very dark and grody student ID's.

My very dark and grody student ID’s.

But unavoidably, middle school came, so from then on my grades suffered from the distractions of a teen life.  Boys, pagers, and looking fashionable -well, attempting to look fashionable (the 90’s was a tough fashion decade!)  And yes, I did say pagers (“143″…LOL!)  Needless to say that all those complications dropped me to about a B to C level student.  (Sorry Mom and Dad!)  I became weak in academics, hardly did my homework, needed an algebra tutor, and of course spent all my time talking on the phone.  No wonder I only went to a State school!

I like to think of myself as a late bloomer.  I’m not just talking about cup size, I’m talking about growing out of my blasé- “I’m too cool for school” attitude.  Something clicked for me after high school and I put my butt in gear.  Somehow, I grew out of my laziness and into a hard-working machine!  I think I was money driven…!  Whatever it was that drove me, I was madly motivated and surrounded myself with the best of the best… learned everything I could about business, organizations, and corporations.  I was like a parasite to my bosses and their boss’ bosses.  I wanted to talk like the best, and walk like the best…because I wanted to be the best!  I may not have done well in high school, but I always said that I will be a student for life!

In my adult life, I’ve taken a thousand seminars, workshops, classes, and gone back to school for all sorts of random things.  At the moment I’m in school to refresh myself on my day-trading skills.  For the first time in my life, I’m THE A-student!  I am not talking about the quiet, unassuming, A-student.  I’m talking about the obnoxious, hand-raising, always answering questions, A student!  How did I become so annoying??!!!  I literally have to bite my tongue to keep myself from exposing more nerdiness!  So now, everyone in class wants to be my friend.  I use to be the one copying someone else’s homework, and now everyone is copying off of my homework!  Never did I think the day would come!

To my surprise, but probably more to my parent’s surprise, I went from a C student to a Chic Student.  -Just go with it!

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

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