First Week…

Hi Everybody, thanks so much for taking the time to read what’s on my blog so far… and thanks for your encouragement and feedback!!

This week I’ve done all sorts of reading on how to start a business, tips on marketing your business, defining your target audience, statistics on successful restaurants… you know all the usual information gathering one needs when opening up your run of the mill book bar!  I’ve also filed a “Name Reserve Request” with the Secretary of State to reserve the name of the LLC for 60 days.  If they already cashed my check that means none of you can duplicate my idea!  Well, actually you can, you just can’t duplicate the name!  So, in case you’re wondering, you can’t have any of the following:  Book Bar, The Book Bar, and Bookbar.  Got it…!?

I’ve also registered for several classes funded by the Small Business Association in Long Beach, which assists new Business Owners with info and tools they need to start their own business.  FYI- for any business owners out there -just in case you’d like to know- they also help existing Business Owners with a nudge in the right direction!  -I’m not saying you need help, I’m just saying!-  Anyway, yeah for SBA…!!!  Whatever agency is forcing them to do this, I’d like to give them a personal VIP invitation with a free bottle of wine to The Book Bar!

So, now I’m in the midst of working on my business plan!  My goal is to have this done by next Tuesday!  If I can do that and submit it during my Small Business Development Training, they’ll assign me an advisor to hold my hand through it all!  I’m not too proud to ask for help!!!

So, that’s it for now… oh, one more thing!!!  I bought myself a little flip cam to record my trips “out in the field to do my R&D,” and here’s me using it for the very first time!  I promise to actually make an effort to use it properly in the future!  And I promise that all future videos I post will be much more worthwhile!

Talk to you again next week!!




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