Ending the Year Strong, Starting the Year Stronger!!

The Brass Lamp_banner

Two days before Thanksgiving, The Brass Lamp Kickstarter campaign FUNDED!!!  The idea of raising $25K in only 30 days for a local business was a huge task, but not one that couldn’t have been accomplished without the help of so many people!!! It is extremely exciting to see the enthusiasm amplify over The Brass Lamp, and even more exciting to finally get the physical construction started!!!

The Brass Lamp_before transformationOn January 3rd, I will be breaking ground and starting the demolition! Construction and transformation will take about 4-5 months, meanwhile I will be preparing this awesome book bar for you!!! I will be posting pictures and video of the progress, and I just ask that you stay eager and stay tuned with following me as I build!!!  

The bar, the books, the stage, the ambiance, the furniture, the art, the walls, the room, the food, the drinks, it’s all going to bring a very intellectually stimulating, yet sexy experience!  Yes, a place where smart and sexy exist together!!!  I am not an artist by your standard definition, but this book bar is my canvas, and I can’t wait to design this space and show you the final product at the Grand Opening!!! I hope to WOW you, and I hope you’ll be coming in for our Jazz nights, our wine flights, and our specialty coffees with a bite! -Cheers!

Start STRONG and FINISH strong; and COUNT your blessings in between!!

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