Don’t look for Success, Look for Opportunities to be Successful

A lot of people seem to think that “success” just falls into people’s lap.  On the contrary, success -as cliché as it is- has to do with serious perseverance, focus, and taking action!

But I truly believe that the one thing most people overlook is OPPORTUNITY!!  Capitalizing on opportunities whether big or small!

workingWhen you wish for something… like, let’s say, patience or courage (those are typical request we all ask for regularly), do you think you’ll suddenly be granted with patience and courage?!  No, of course not!  But if you stop to notice, you’ll be granted with opportunities to be patient, and opportunities to be courageous!

The same is true for opportunities to be successful!! 

Say YES to opportunities, and see where it takes you!  Watch the gravel turn into stepping stones, and the stepping stones into big slats, and then slats into a solid foundation!

Every opportunity counts!!!  Every bit counts!!!

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  -Woody Allen

-Happy Friday :)!

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