Let it Go, it’s Just a Name… (Changing the Outside Doesn’t Mean Changing the Inside)!!!

I knew that creating my book bar was going to be challenging… but it didn’t dawn on me that my first challenge would lie in the name.

Disappointingly, I discovered that “Book Bar” / “The Book Bar” is already taken!  Actually, it’s “Bar & Book” that is trademarked, and since the name is similar and the goods and services are similar, it is protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Darn!  With that discovery, I now know my book bar-concept isn’t as unique as I thought!  There are a few book bars in the U.S…. BUT, none that stay open until 2:00am!  So there is where my concept is a little bit different!  At my book bar, which is now nameless for the moment, is a place where you can go to late at night and still maintain a feeling a privacy -but you already knew that because you already read the ABOUT section!  The other book bars try to cultivate the environment of your typical loud bar but with a “library” theme.

The bad news is obvious!  The good news however, is that having existing book bars confirms the notion that there is a need for a place like this!  Not to mention, I now know where I can pick some ideas!  HA- who’s laughing now!?  -Way to see the lemonade!!!  You’re not bringing me down, Lemons!!!

So, I’m back to the drawing board with names.  I will be changing the name, but the concept stays the same!!  I NEED your help on this… Survey Says…

So, what do you think… of…

Brilliant Bar

Burnt Pages

Writer’s Block


Creative Juices

Book Closet (haha, reminds me of Water Closet -which means restroom in other countries!)

Silent Bar (now I’m just saying words….)

Burgundy Bar (I just saw a Maroon 5 image, and thought of Burgundy… silly me.)

Libri e Bevande (No, that’s not tagalog!)

Rocco’s Crib (LOL!)

Sam’s Club (Sounds familiar…)

-New suggestions that just came down the pike- (thank you for your suggestions!!!)

Midnight Pass

Midnight Oil (I get it, cuz you might need to go to the Book Bar and burn the midnight oil.)

Toss & Turn (Very clever!  Cuz when you can’t sleep at night, you go to the Book Bar!  -I mean the something-something!)

The Torch

The Book Den

Writing Den

The Drink & Think

Library & Libations

The Sip Cover

Books and Brews

The Brass Lamp

Piacasso Noir


Actually, out of these, I do have a favorite, but I’ll tell you which one after you give me your thoughts!!!!  If you were opening a Book Bar… what would you call it…???


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