Bookmark It!

Hello Future Brass Lamp Customers,

The buzzer is going off…and Downtown Long Beach is awaiting the highly anticipated book bar! 

May 15th was our targeted opening date, but as great things take time, we have to put the turkey back in the oven.  Our new target to open in the early part of SUMMER.

Although the bar is not yet ready, The Brass Lamp has hired 25 solid individuals composed of sophisticated servers, bartenders, baristas, hosts, and cooks to serve the Downtown Long Beach community!

During this time that we wait for the opening of The Brass Lamp, we will push a campaign called, “Bookmark It!”  During this Bookmark It campaign, we ask that you support The Brass Lamp by proudly wearing your love for books and local culture on your sleeve!  Coming soon, we will have campaign buttons for our supporters to wear!  In the meantime, check out our shop to get your piece of The Brass Lamp –pride!  Or, purchase our awesome T-shirts!!!  And while you’re at it, take a look at our new website!

A huge part to the development of The Brass Lamp is a highly recognized restaurant-specialized construction company!  We acknowledge Handian Construction, who has worked so diligently to get The Brass Lamp going.  Handian Construction has gone above and beyond to design The Brass Lamp as well as navigate through very tough terrain during this unpredictable journey full of challenges.

A special Thanks to Douglas W. Gastélum, Esq., who has been a tremendous team player working alongside The Brass Lamp!

Stay connected, as I’ll have great progress to report in the coming weeks!

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