Be Bold, be Brave, and be Bad Ass!

When has being bold, brave, courageous, and fearless ever given you bad results?  I’d guess that the win-ratio is pretty good -when you’re actually willing to try!

Being bold breaks the ice when meeting new people; It gets you the job offer after an interview; it opens many new opportunities; it gets you “the girl” (Wesley didn’t get Princess Buttercup with timidity; nor did Spiderman with MJ, or any hero for that matter) and yes, boldness builds strong character!

These past couple of weeks, I have been waiting to sign documents with the bank; waiting to get responses on my offers for spaces for the bar; and simply waiting for the big, unequivocal, “Yes!”  In a perfect world, I’d be handed the keys to my bar followed by, “Congratulations, Ms. Argosino!  Here is your money and here are the keys to The Brass Lamp.  We wish you the best of luck with your business!”

3625387d29ded5c21a8acffeb9191fe0-But that is yet to be the case.  It is now going on eight months since I started working on The Brass Lamp, and I am so darn close!  It has been a relentless journey thus far.  It’s been a lot of “no’s,” a lot of challenges, and a lot of push back.  I think that I’ve become an expert at being hardheaded, because “no” is simply not acceptable (chuckle).  The bank actually said that most people in my position would have given up by now, and called me their most “tenacious client.”  Great, thank you, now give me the money!  I actually scoff at that… because aren’t I supposed to be tenacious!?  Hello…!

I’ve been ridiculously obsessed and engrossed in making this happen, that I have connected with all the right people, and am confident that I have gathered all the ammunition I need for the next steps.  But at this point, there are things I can’t control, and all I can do is continue preparing while I wait.

I’ve got my biggest supporters tapping at the window, saying “Open… Open… Open…” and I thank them for their amazing enthusiasm and for coming alongside me during this ride.  For those of you who have followed my blogs every week, I hope that my process has sparked something inside of you to help you be bold in your personal or professional endeavors.  Someone once said to me, “I see something in you, that you don’t see…” and just that comment alone woke up the giant inside of me!


“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” –Christopher Columbus

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