Bad Hair Day- Bad Day

It’s a first for me to blog about something less than inspirational… but I must get it off my chest…!

Have you ever had a bad hair day that starts your day off with a ten-part series of more bad?  I think all of us that have hair would say, Yes.  For the other part of the population, who are bald and beautiful… Lucky!

Your morning starts off with your hair bending and turning in ways that it shouldn’t, putting you 20 minutes behind schedule and now you have layers of overdone product matting your hair.  You make your morning coffee (or in my case, tea, because I’ve sacrificed coffee for Lent… 18 more days until your mine!), and since you’re now rushing, the hot coffee spills on your shirt because that darn lid wasn’t snapped on right!  So naturally, your mood for the rest of the morning is shot.  And the only thing that could turn your frown upside down is a winning lottery ticket.

bad dayWhen this happened to me last week, I noticed that people I encountered were not their usual friendly selves towards me.  I thought, is it my hair?!  No, it was my sour-puss face that was tattooed on me all day because of my hair!

Since I knew I wasn’t going to win the lotto that day, I just had to let the day play itself out and chalk it up to another bad hair day.  (Having two cow licks and a dented skull in the back of the head does not help with good hair days.  It’s an uphill battle trying comb those bumps down, while still trying to maintain volume.)

But, if you are having a good hair day today, capitalize on your day!  Look good, smell good, feel good, talk good, walk good, and DO good!!!  (I realize that it’s “talk well and walk well” but that doesn’t sound as good here.)  Because you never know, tomorrow might be THE bad hair day!

Have a good hair day :)!

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