5 Things I Don’t Miss About the 9 to 5…

No disrespect to anyone… -Now how do I start a sentence like that without disrespecting… ?  Um…I respect everyone, job or no job, but I must say that there are a ton of things I don’t miss about working for someone else.  Today, I’ll just share 5!

intheendBut first, I’ve got to take a moment to thank the pyramid-schemed-snakes who got me to pay them $600 with my Discover Rewards cards to start “my own biz” during the beginning of the “dot-com” era.  I was a very hungry 19 year old who was brainwashed to think that I can get rich quick!  Silly, naiveté, me!  The only upside to being brainwashed by these Versace-wearing-vermin was that I became inspired to be my own boss, to live outside of the rat race, and to push beyond boundaries.  I never got my money back when blank-blank company went down, but I got a handful of really great books written by John Maxwell, which I lived my twenties reading.  For those of you who don’t know John Maxwell and you need a big shot of leadership potion, pick up any one of his books.  Literally, any one!  You will be fueled with power!  If you read it and don’t like it, I’ll buy it from you!  Then nobody loses.  But for those of you who are familiar with the great John Maxwell, I’m not only certain that his books are still sitting on your bookshelf never having made it to the goodwill bag, but that his words have changed your life.  They changed mine!

Now in my 30’s, having worked for multi-million dollar corporate companies, having had a corner office in a high-rise on MacArthur and Von Karman, and having the responsibility of reporting to Board of Directors, I can say with pleasure, that there are so many things that I do not miss about working for someone else!!!

1.  No commute!  -Need I say more.  I will anyway… There’s nothing worse than rush hour traffic with the sun beating in your eyes and tanning only your left arm!!!  I hated that!  It put me in a bad mood when I got to work, and a worse mood when I got home!  Nowadays, I enjoy my walk from my bedroom to my other bedroom that holds my home office.  Ahhh, no angry sun and no hateful drivers :).

2.  I don’t miss wearing super sexy pointy high heels!  Yes, they were super sexy, but now my knees are paying the price!  Again, socks from bedroom-one to bedroom-two… a really beautiful thing!

3.  I definitely don’t miss the office politics!  Life is not fair, but office politics is just ridiculous.  There’s always that one female manager that no one will ever cross, and her favorite pet who’s nose can’t get any browner!

4.  I don’t miss the long, counter-productive meetings that just took up time in the day, and made people feel important because they had to go to a meeting.  In 2009, I was at a job where the IT meetings ran so long that when I came out, someone said that Michael Jackson passed away, and I thought it was a joke to say that I had been gone for so long.  -It wasn’t a joke.  But the meeting was excessively long!

5.  Lastly, I definitely don’t miss being confined by conventional parameters, where my creativity and boundless potential is never nourished.  Those glass ceilings do exist!  I thrive best when I am not constrained by corporate culture!

-But that’s just me :)!  Have a great rest of the week!


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