5 Steps to BREAK your Stronghold!!

stronghold is something that keeps you from perusing what you know is right for you!  What’s your stronghold?? 

Is it… overeating?  overdrinking? overspending? …”oversexing” (teehee)… over controlling?  Depression?  Pride or perfectionism?  Perhaps, selfishness, vanity, greed …or maybe just plain fear of doing something or saying something??  Whatever your stronghold is, there is a way to break free!

Strongholds are very difficult to break for EVERYONE!!!  But the good news is that the human brain adapts to harsh environments, allowing you to survive!  So, when you actually step out into the scary and cruel environment, you either become STRONGER or you become SMARTER!  Keep this in mind when you move forward!

1.  Admit your stronghold!  And then acknowledge that whatever it is that keeps you from moving forward is the one thing that you have to work on first!

2.  Lean in to the knife!  -NOT LITERALLY!!!  Please no!  I mean, figuratively, please!  Challenge yourself to feel the pressure, feel the pain, and then accept the uncomfortableness.  Associate that uncomfortableness as growth, progress, power.  It’s like exercising, you become sore when you challenge yourself.  And that soreness is a result of progress!  Apply this to your emotional and mental muscles too!

3.  When you settle and make peace with the uncomfortableness, reward yourself!!  CAUTION:  Do not reward yourself with the thing you’re suppose to stay away from!  Overeaters, do not reward yourself with Oreo cookie ice cream!  Alcoholics, do not reward yourself with a tall glass of rum and coke!  Over spenders, do not reward yourself with a new car!  Or even new sunglasses!  Instead, find SOMETHING ELSE that is fulfilling!

4.  Practice!  Keep practicing this, and pretty soon you’ll be easing away from your stronghold before you know it!  Try to be energized while you practice!  As the great Stephen Covey use to say, “Start with the end in mind!”  Don’t forget, that you’re doing this for a greater good that goes beyond yourself!

5.  Time and Patience.  Let time heal you and grow you.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!!  Try to make every day have a productive task of working on your stronghold.  And be patient with yourself!  Again, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

They say that 97.0% of Americans are “talkers” not “doers.”  They are the people that sit back and hope that things happen to them, never stepping out of their comfort zone because of their strongholds.  That’s a lot of people warring out their couch cushions!! 

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.” -Maya Angelou

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