40 Days on The Daniel Plan I Go

20140119_18480840 days of doing ANYTHING regimented already sounds painful and nearly impossible!  But as part of my new year’s resolution, starting today, I’m on a mission to get really healthy!  I mean, reeeeaaallly healthy!  I’m not just talking about toned abs!  I’m talking mental clarity, exceptional focus, spiritual enhancement, and overall just a brighter mood!  And if my skin starts to glow and my hair gets fuller in this process, then hallelujah!!!

I’ve decided to challenge myself to a higher level.  While I continue to work on my book bar, I will test my endurance for running a business with practices of intense self control and discipline.  The Daniel Plan is a 40 day plan to get healthier through the foundation of: faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends.  The book is pretty thick, so I’ll do you all a favor and summarize it week after week with my process, my progress, and my painful setbacks!  If this sound interesting to you, and sounds like a challenge you want to take, I encourage you to try it!  Whether you believe in God or not, get healthy, get smart, get happy, and just get on it!  After all, your body is a temple.  Some might even say, your body is a wonderland! 

First thing’s first… accepting that I will have setbacks but I will get back on track!  In other words, when I fail the temptation test and delight myself with cookie dough ice cream, I’ll let the guilt set it, refocus, study my failure, and prevent it next time.  Don’t we all start with great enthusiasm for something, and then over time it fades.  Yes, of course.  We are humans who get distracted, tempted, and unmotivated.  But our minds can change by changing our habits.  Because habits are what we do, not who we are!  And as part of my other new years resolution (which I copied from a good friend), I have decided to be DECISIVE!  Is that redundant?  I mean, rather than being blasé about things that come and go, I’m going to be decisive!  Disciplined!  And Mindful!  So, if I say I’m going to eat vegetables for 40 days, then I’m not going to cheat by telling myself that chives on potato skins are veggies.  And if I say I’m going to exercise or do something active every day, I’m not going to cheat by telling myself that the walk from the fridge to my home office is exercise!  And if I say that every time I’m tempted to do something I shouldn’t and instead pray, then my golly, I’ll drop to my knees!

Putting this in a blog is my official stake at making me accountable that for the next 40 days, I will honor what is right for the greater good!  I will honor what is right for my mind, body, and soul!  -Cue the music.  Good-bye French fries- oh how I love you so!  Good-bye innocent peanut m&m’s, you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just me.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it for the glory of God”  -Or for the glory of you! 

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