11 Things NOT to Stress Over in 2014

The number one reason why we don’t carry out our new years resolutions throughout the entire year, and instead drop them like a hot potato before Valentines Day, is because once we fall short of those resolutions, we tend to give up completely.  What we should do is keep them in the realm of “doability.”  SO WHAT if you eat a cup cake when you were supposed to lose 5 lbs!!  Does that mean we you drop your resolution and eat a double-double-animal style right after??  -NO!  It means, get back on that horse and try again!

Along the lines of meeting expectations experts say that the way to happiness in 2014 is free yourself from stressors and guilt!  So, here are the top 11 things I have found people to stress over… and I’m here to tell you… Don’t sweat the small stuff!!!

1.  So you left your phone at home.  Stress level is pretty high here, right folks!  Admit it, on a scale of 1-10, this falls close to the 10!  -Don’t worry, you’ll get to work, have access to email and a land line, and it’s all good!  Your “check-in” status for lunch can wait!  Enjoy the day with no distractions.  And instead of stopping to take a selfie, stop to smell the roses!

2. You call in sick.  Don’t feel so bad, the work will still be there tomorrow, and that’s what sick days are for- to use!!!  Sleep in, give  yourself a rest from your horrid morning commute and enjoy your morning cup of joe in bed:)!!!

3. So you haven’t caught the craze of a Cross Fit Gym.  No biggie.  I haven’t either, and look at me!  I don’t look any worse for not jumping on the band wagon!

4. All your friends have engagement rings and/or babies.  Don’t worry, that means that you can still mingle and they can’t!  Besides, you get to have your beauty rest and still make time for yourself!  Everyone’s time and journey is different, so instead of comparing your blessings to someone else’s, start counting them!!  “The grass is always greener…”

5.  So you found a few more white hairs.  Don’t go jumping off a building!  Think of it as a badge of honor… you made it this far!!!  That’s what I tell myself before I go to Target for my Garnier Nutrisse-darkest brown.  Besides, that’s what hair dye is for… to cover our white streaks of wisdom!

6. You don’t have the newest iphone.  Eh!  There’s no way to keep up with technology!  Just get yourself a new case!  It’ll feel like new and you’d have just saved yourself $400!!!  Heck, spoil yourself with 2 new cases!

7. The smell of cigarettes from your neighbor’s balcony.  Unless you’re pregnant, don’t stress!!  I bet we inhale far worse just sitting in traffic during rush hour!  You never know what your neighbor is going through to need that smoke!  He might have just lost his savings on AAPL stock.  -You never know!!

8. Not getting enough “likes” on your posts.  Release yourself from that unnecessary need to be liked right this second!!  When you can’t afford those ridiculously delicious mystery-meat tacos from Jack in the Crack, then you can stress!  Studies have actually shown that social media creates a greater feeling of loneliness, and that selfies open up new doors to insecurities!  Don’t fall into the trap!  I happen to think you’re very cool!!!

9. Your ex is dating someone new.  Not much you can do here, except move on yourself!  You don’t live until you’ve experienced love and loss.  Chances are that you will be upgrading anyway.  Happiness is the best revenge!!!  Now comb your hair and go get ’em!

10. Your 13 year old daughter is wearing make-up.  That’s about that age!  Don’t stress.  These days, if that’s your daughter’s only pickle, you’re in great shape!!!  Stress when she hits 15!!!!  Stress a lot!

11. When you gain 5lbs.  No one will notice, trust me!!!  If you gained it quickly, you can probably lose it quickly if you just try!  I know most of my readers, and I think you look fantastic:)!!!

So, don’t sweat the small stuff… and don’t give up on your resolutions!  Have a great day!  And even if you didn’t leave your phone at home, don’t forget to smell the roses!!!


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